Larisa Volkavichyute

Whimsical Folk Art Print, Horse and Birds in Red and Yellow, Playful Nursery Art, Soft Pastel Painting, Colorful Studio Art, Folk-Style


Whether you're looking for a fun and colorful addition to your nursery, a whimsical touch for your studio, or a unique and thoughtful gift for a friend, this print is the perfect solution. Its playful style and cheerful colors make it a fantastic way to create a sense of wonder and delight in any room.

As you gaze upon the charming and heartwarming design of this print, you'll feel your own sense of joy and imagination come alive - and your child or friend will too. Whether you're using it to spark your creativity in the studio, create a peaceful environment in the nursery, or brighten up a friend's day, this print is sure to make an impact.

This beautiful folk-style print is a UV print on board, based on a soft pastel painting by the talented artist Larisa Volkavichyute. The UV printing process ensures that the colors are vivid and long-lasting, while the board material adds durability and a professional look to the artwork.

This is a print. Not original. Does not require framing.

Print size is 11 by 14

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