Čiūtė Creations

Spotted Leopard Brooch


Bright yellow leopard brooch.

Illustrated jewelry is a modern alternative to expensive products made from precious metals. Throughout history, jewelry has been worn as a symbol of culture or faith, or as amulets for good fortune and protection.

Čiūtė Creations Jewelry likes to explore this function of jewelry in a contemporary setting. Can a pin become a conversation starter? What it tells about you and your character? The question of self-identity and self-expression intrigues the illustrator and becomes visible through her artwork. Her illustrations often have a Scandinavian vibe, they feel childish, folky, naive, magical. 

Illustrated pins look on natural fabrics, cotton sweatshirts, denim jackets, dresses, or blouses. 

  • Transparent Acrylic
  • Size: 1.8″ × 0.8″ (46× 20mm)
  • Crafted using up to 20 times less energy when compared to similar enamel pins
  • Rubber Clutch fastening

Please be aware that the color may differ slightly during the production process.

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